Hi, I’m Lucimar Brocatto Acevedo (you can call me Luci) and I am Brocaded and Bared!

Family at beach.

I’m a single mom of 2 sons





I never pay full retail. Savvy shoppers are the best shoppers, of course!

At least once a week, I go on a new adventure. It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as I’m going/trying/seeing something new.

I am a tech fanatic. Gifted with platform ambidexterity (Droid phone, addicted to my iPad mini, yet I PC for work). I’m an App addict. And I could possibly rule the world from my phone (or iPad. If i had both on hand: it’s a certainty)

And I love to eat. I am determined to try every restaurant suggestion I read or hear about.

Most important, everything I do, place I go or item I purchase, has to be within my means. Which, as a single mom, can be challenging at times.

These things I chronicle for you, in an effort to create a “all things LIFESTYLE” survival handbook – Single Mom Edition…the Cliff’s Notes Version =)

It is my hope that in the pages of my blog you will find a little inspiration, lots of resources and the occasional giggle here and there.

Thanks for reading…



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