My (low impact) Hiking Survival Pack

My (low impact) Hiking Survival Pack

I love this cross-body bag. It’s cloth, comfortable, versatile & inexpensive (Target). It has three sections; perfect to store the necessities while hiking in the LA Hills ($3 is for parking lot at Fryman Canyon. Free street parking is available, but you may have to drive around a bit).

After emptying hiking gear (lol), I keep my bag in the car. You never know when you might want to switch over from a bulky handbag to a cute, hands-free option (e.g. grocery shopping, vintage shopping, exploring the area, etc).


Perfect Interview Ensemble

Perfect Interview Ensemble

Created in the Polyvore iPad app.

I should restate that for MY chosen career path it is perfect.


The goal is to present myself as visually neutral to the interview panel as possible. I want complete focus on my knowledge, experience & interpersonal skills. Any bright color or loud pattern may be too distracting. I want the POW effect I leave them with to be because of a flawless presentation, not the unusual pattern on my Versus by Versace top (total hypothetical, not really my style…or price range).


Hair pulled back for great eye contact. Also neutral makeup and nails. I want to give them an opportunity to get to know as much about the real me as possible in the short time we have. Wearing bright blue eyeshadow or showing up with fabulously intricate nail art might take away from the goal at hand (no pun).


Bottom line I will show up looking professional & well put together with no distracting colors, patterns, hairdo’s (or don’ts), etc. I want total attention on my inner strengths and what those will bring to the table. Eye contact…great eye contact. Genuineness & enthusiasm. Big smile. I think I’m ready. Take a deep breath, and…..go! (wish me luck tomorrow)

My Fall Basic Pieces

My Fall Basic Pieces
For me, it feels comfortable and (oh so) right to start off with a pretty, yet uncommitted dressing canvas (er goes, I’m a neutrals girl). Let’s be honest, our mood is the #1 influence on how we will present ourselves throughout the day. Starting out with basics, such as these, gives me the versatility to go in any fashion direction that feels right on any day!
Keeping accessories to a minimum (sunglasses & hat or sunglasses & scarf) will communicate a more serious & quiet tone, but not at the expense of sacrificing a polished finish. While, styling it up with some great gold hoops (yesssss!!! My friends say I am obsessed with em. Aren’t they the answer to any jewelry quandary? I’m Latina, after all), bangles, or other statement piece (ha! Hope it’s a good statement) gives me the extra shine to confidently attack the rest of my day!
All the pieces I posted are very affordable (ok ok, except for the 360 Sweater, but I couldn’t find another picture that resembled the one I found at Forever 21 better. Sorry) and can be purchased for even lower prices if you shop at the right time and under the right circumstances. For example, the black boots (Chaima $120 Aldo Shoes), I found a comparable pair at Shoe Dazzle (Maygan) for $45.95. But first time buyers get 50%, so I paid $25.04 TOTAL! I haven’t received them yet, so I don’t know how comfy they will be. But their return policy is great & if I’m not happy you can’t say I didn’t try =)
Same thing with the awesome Steve Madden Ramble boots. Original price was $150, on sale for $90. However, the SM website was offering 25% off. Ended up getting them for about 60% the original price ($60 total).
If you have any questions on this post or any other let me know! And keep coming back for more ideas AND bargain hunting tips =)

360 Sweater loose top
$470 –

Ichi scarve
$41 –

Leather hat

Holy Chic!!! A DIY Asos TShirt Tutorial by Brocaded and Bared

If you were on my instagram yesterday, you saw pictures of two very different looking DIY T-Shirt projects. I was determined to come up with a much more cost friendly, yet equally adorable version of Asos’ Lulu & Co. Holy Chic T-Shirt (who pays $231.37, to be exact, for a t-shirt?? I dunno. If I ever become that rich, someone please slap me if I start dropping that kind of money on a t-shirt. Notice, I said “t-shirt”).

The first version was very simple to make (iron on letters, fabric glue and black loose glitter), the second one took a little more effort…but the end product is 100 times cuter!!!!

Since I liked the finished project for #2 sooooooooo much (AKA/not embarrassed that it would end up on, I decided to share…in case someone had the DIY bug too.

Here goes: (This is nerve racking, people. My first DIY blog!!!!)

The first thing was returning to Target for another XL heather gray T-Shirt ($9). I purposely chose a size that would slouch and fit too big. I love the oversized, off the shoulder, not trying too hard look of ill fitting shirts.

For my lettering I chose ARIAL BLACK in a font size of 200, which you can kind of see in the picture below.  (forgot to snap a photo of both sheets of paper before starting to cut. sorry)


I used this cool little ruler thingie and a (I used a purple Crayola) coloring pencil to draw a straight, centered line, dark enough to guide the letters, but light enough to become unnoticeable after the project was complete.


The letters must then be cut out and placed on the guide lines. Secure with pins. This is important to ensure no moving around during the next step: Tracing the outlines onto the fabric.


When tracing and filling in the letters BE CAREFUL the ink doesn’t bleed thru to the other side of the shirt (it’s pretty thin material). I used an empty pillow case in between to protect it.

I must be a HUGE Crayola fan, because these steps were completed with the use of Gray Crayola child’s marker =)



Now, the fun part starts. Found this adorable iridescent sequined trim at Jo-Ann’s. It was $1.79 per/yard. I bought five yards, just to be sure.


Using fabric glue ($4.49 at Jo-Ann’s) and perfectly sized/cut pieces of the sequined trim, I began to cover the letters. Towards the end I was tired of TRYING to get the strands perfect, so I cut enough to cover the letter and made sure to come back later to trim the excess off.

Time to trim those extra long pieces.


Almost done. Now to clean up edges using a pair of pointy scissors and some tweezers. The tweezers prove to be invaluable when trying to manipulate a stray piece of thread or a stubborn sequin.


This is where you have to hand-glue  individual sequins to even out holes or assymetrical seams (PAYDAY for those whose OCD was out of control  —> ME!).

Time for those tweezers again. Use your pair to pick up individual sequins, dip one side in the glue (which is what you are supposed to be looking at on that small piece of paper) and place where needed.




If you have any questions, or any suggestions of another DIY, please drop me a line =)

Cocktail Party Glam

Has possibilities, no?

Rouched top

Primary clutch

Shu uemura makeup
$25 –

Hair styling tool