My (low impact) Hiking Survival Pack

My (low impact) Hiking Survival Pack

I love this cross-body bag. It’s cloth, comfortable, versatile & inexpensive (Target). It has three sections; perfect to store the necessities while hiking in the LA Hills ($3 is for parking lot at Fryman Canyon. Free street parking is available, but you may have to drive around a bit).

After emptying hiking gear (lol), I keep my bag in the car. You never know when you might want to switch over from a bulky handbag to a cute, hands-free option (e.g. grocery shopping, vintage shopping, exploring the area, etc).


Perfect Interview Ensemble

Perfect Interview Ensemble

Created in the Polyvore iPad app.

I should restate that for MY chosen career path it is perfect.


The goal is to present myself as visually neutral to the interview panel as possible. I want complete focus on my knowledge, experience & interpersonal skills. Any bright color or loud pattern may be too distracting. I want the POW effect I leave them with to be because of a flawless presentation, not the unusual pattern on my Versus by Versace top (total hypothetical, not really my style…or price range).


Hair pulled back for great eye contact. Also neutral makeup and nails. I want to give them an opportunity to get to know as much about the real me as possible in the short time we have. Wearing bright blue eyeshadow or showing up with fabulously intricate nail art might take away from the goal at hand (no pun).


Bottom line I will show up looking professional & well put together with no distracting colors, patterns, hairdo’s (or don’ts), etc. I want total attention on my inner strengths and what those will bring to the table. Eye contact…great eye contact. Genuineness & enthusiasm. Big smile. I think I’m ready. Take a deep breath, and…..go! (wish me luck tomorrow)